Improving Credit Score With Bad Credit Loans

Yara Zakharia, Esq.

Each year, millions of Americans are tagged with the 'bad credit risk' label, typically on account of defaults, bankruptcy, arrears, late payments, bounced checks or past repossessions. This segment of the population finds themselves discouraged by the news of a poor credit score, which seemingly makes it an uphill battle to obtain loans and credit cards. The typical range of credit scores extends from 340 to 850. The lower the score, the greater risk a creditor believes the applicant will pose. It is therefore imperative for credit-battered consumers to repair their credit rating, which is an easier task than most perceive it to be. By rehabilitating their credit score, they will be able to become homeowners, receive more favorable interest rates, and be eligible for more loans. The good news is that it has never been easier to slay the bad credit dragon due to the wide availability of the 'second chance' type of loans known as "bad credit loans". Therefore, consumers with a poor credit record need not feel disheartened since numerous lenders provide them an opportunity to prove their credit-worthiness. The length of time needed to fix bad credit depends on the gravity of the financial situation. However, with patience, determination and commitment, debtors will reclaim their good credit status.

The marketplace offers multiple, effective and dependable methods to improve credit score, and they include the following:

Bad credit loan

This is one option that is widely offered by creditors and available to borrowers seeking to enhance their financial health. To repair their credit rating, they may choose from an array of bad credit loans, including (1) auto loan, (2) bad credit payday loan, (3) personal loan for poor credit, (4) mortgage loan, (5) prepaid credit card and (6) debt consolidation. Borrowers of bad credit loans will automatically improve their credit score as they make their monthly payments in a timely manner, thus eliminating any collection accounts and past due amount.

1. Personal loan with bad credit

There is a multitude of lenders that disregard borrowers' credit history and assist those plagued with bad credit to rebuild their credit. A bad credit personal loan may be applied towards any type of expenditure and utilized for any purpose. This type of loan may be either secured or unsecured. The unsecured loan with bad credit is suitable for non-homeowners, whereas the secured version services homeowners and offers them a low interest rate.

2. Bad credit payday loans

Another way for consumers to enhance their credit score is by applying for a bad credit payday loan which tides them over until the next payday. Such a short-term cash advance, which is typically for an amount ranging from $100 to $1000, assists borrowers faced with a financial exigency or needing extra cash for purchases. Bad credit payday loans are extremely utile in paying off credit card bills, which raises the credit score. Since providers of this loan do not verify applicants' credit reports, the loan is often referred to as a no credit payday loan. This credit check waiver enables bad credit borrowers to qualify for the loan. Prospective borrowers should shop around for bad credit payday lenders that offer attractive interest rates, since these vary from one creditor to the next.

While the lenders do not perform a credit check, bad credit payday loans contribute to consumers' overall credit score. The manner in which borrowers pay off their bad credit payday loan will be determinative of what will be reflected on their credit rating. By timely repaying their bad credit payday loan, debtors will bump up their credit score. This is because with each payment, most creditors will transmit the positive status to the credit bureaus, and borrowers' credit rating will be boosted with each loan they obtain and repay. Applicants should select lenders who report to the three major credit bureaus- the majority do. Borrowers with a stable history of paying off these loans generally obtain approval for bad credit payday loans of a longer duration. By repaying these longer loans in a timely fashion, consumers can elevate their credit rating to a greater extent than with standard payday loans.

The credit report section titled "Amounts You Owe" comprises 30% of FICO, the most commonly-employed credit score. This significant component confirms the importance of paying off past-due bills, keeping account balances low, and staying current. The credit bureaus pay particular attention to the handling of credit card debt by consumers. Bad credit payday loans are an efficacious tool for paying off outstanding, high credit card balances, which results in a higher credit score, often an increase of 60-80 points overnight.